Why are we increasing prices?

cPanel has recently increased its licensing fees substantially, with very short notice. This increase affects hosts globally. cPanel has moved to a per cPanel account licensing model, where the licenses were previous licensed per server. The increase affects reseller and individual accounts as a result of this change, due to the extra per account limits needing to be imposed.

Reports from other hosts indicate increases in the ranges of 300% to 800%, with some hosts experiencing increases of up to 1600% on these fees. This along with other increasing operation costs, such as the electricity price, data centre fees, regulatory cost increases as well as license costs from other software providers, has left us with no other choice but to increase pricing.

We have made every effort to absorb operating cost increases, but this will unfortunately no longer be possible. We have further investigated all the options and calculated this increase to minimise the impact for the majority of our resellers.

We have also improved our underlying infrastructure in the last few years to ensure we provide the most stable service possible. We have launched our own redundant network with multiple transit providers and failover options for improved control and reliability. All servers have been moved to SSD based storage and this along with the use of Litespeed on all our servers offers improved stability and performance for all our clients. We also offer 2 different website builders on all our servers to give you the option to choose which suits your needs best.

We would like to assure you that this decision has not been made lightly. The increase is, however, necessary to ensure we can continue offering the level of service and stability deserved by all our clients and partners. We believe this is the best course of action we can take at this stage to ensure this.

When will the pricing increase take effect?

New Accounts: Immediately
Existing Accounts: 1st of July 2020

Accounts paid for in advance, on longer billing periods (quarterly, semi-annually and annually) will only be affected on their respective renewal dates.

Friday, June 5, 2020

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